Jungle Walk / Safari at Chitwan National Park

Jungle Walk

Jungle walk is one the adventurous and entertaining activity of Sauraha. One can walk through dense forest around the natural habitat of the wild animals during the jungle walk. The tourist and the guides are not allowed to carry any weapon during the walks but the guides offer tips for safety at the start of the walk. The danger of sudden encounter with wild animals is always present during the jungle walk.

The majority of these encounters involve wild elephants and rhinos. Thus maximum caution should be exercised during the walk that provide opportunity to observe the wild life from up close. It is always a wise decision to take the aid of experienced guide during jungle walk. The guides take the tourist for 5 to 10 km walk at one time offering a chance to observe the wild animals and birds. One should not make the slight noise during the walk. Sauraha is a considered as the best destination in Nepal for Jungle Walk.

Walk out and stretch your leg into the forest accompanied by a professional as they share their extensive knowledge with your on your way to prime spots in quest of rear and endemic species. Be on the look out for the great one-horned rhinoceros, wild boar, sloth bear, bison, gangetic dolphins, gharial crocodile and Royal Bengal Tiger.

Visitors can enter the Chitwan National Park from various places, but the famous route to enter is Sauraha - The major Tourist hub of Chitwan. You can enter the National Park and feel the nature from the close by yourself also but we suggest to have a guide or you should be aware of the dangers that might come in between. You need to pay very tiny amount to enter to the National Park.


The Jungle Walk to Chitwan National Park is carried out at two places in Chitwan. The First One is Sauraha (the oldest Tourist Hub) and the Second One is Meghauli (Meghauli is the newly established Tourist Hub in Chitwan). Before choosing the Jungle Walk to Chitwan National Park Service, please be sure about the location of the Service Provider.

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How to get this service?

To experience the Jungle Walk to Chitwan National Park, first you need to be at Chitwan. Find out here how to reach Chitwan or click here to find tourist buses to Chitwan. Tourist buses take you directly to the Sauraha. For Meghauli, after you reach Narayangarh you need to find other regular local buses or hire jeep or car. After you reach the tourist hub, you can contact your hotel or find any service provider from the below list.

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