Tharu Cultural Dance / Program

Tharu Cultural Dance

The Tharu Culture Program organized at Sauraha, Meghauli plays a significant role to entertain the tourist visiting Chitwan (Sauraha and Meghauli) and to introduce the Tharu Culture and tradition to the tourists. Majority of the tourist arriving at Chitwan have experience the Tharu culture program.

Spectators get full entertainment by the Tharu dances. Dances like Danda Nach (Stick Dance) and Ago Nach (Fire Dance) Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are some the popular highlights of the culture show. The program start at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm every evening or on Demand and lasts for 45 minutes. The cultural program has helped spread awareness about the Tharu culture through out the world.

Savor the magnificent culture dance of the Tharu communities watching by the bone fire in the evening in any hotels of Sauraha.


The Tharu Cultural Dance / Program is carried out at two places in Chitwan. The First One is Sauraha (the oldest Tourist Hub) and the Second One is Meghauli (Meghauli is the newly established Tourist Hub in Chitwan). Before choosing the Tharu Cultural Dance / Program Show, please be sure about the location of the service provider.

Quick Information

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Show Time 45 Min each day.

How to get this service?

To experience the Tharu Cultural Dance / Program, first you need to be at Chitwan. Find out here how to reach Chitwan or click here to find tourist buses to Chitwan. Tourist buses take you directly to the Sauraha. For Meghauli, after you reach Narayangarh you need to find other regular local buses or hire jeep or car. After you reach the tourist hub, you can contact your hotel or find any service provider from the below list.

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