With the objective of promoting the tourism sector of my home town, I designed and developed ChitwanTourism.com webpage. From this web page, I am promoting, tourism places, pilgrimage sites, sightseeing, hotels and resorts, things to do, activities in Chitwan etc. ChitwanTourism.com is not an official website of tourism in Chitwan but, un-officaly we are promoting Chitwan and its tourism sector with all the latest and updated information from various sections.

We help tourist to find routes to Chitwan, find Tourist buses, Hotels and Resorts etc. with other various related information like: Banks, ATM Locations, Hospital, School and Colleges etc.

Chitwan Tourism website do not have any contracts and agreements with any hotels or agencies, so we equally promote everything from Chitwan and related to Tourism. For information and inquiries please write and email at: write.nrs@gmail.com