have listed best hotels and resorts around all the major area from Chitwan. Hotels located in different area have different features. Hotels in Sauraha, Kasara and Meghauli provide popular jungle activities like: Elephant Ride/Safari, Jungle Walk, Bird Watching, Canoeing at Rapti River, Jeep Safari, Bath with Elephant, Village Tour, Cultural Programs etc. Hotels in Narayangarh / Bharatpur are popular for stay during your travel and have swimming pool, bar for refreshment. Hotels in Mugling and Kurintar are focused for refreshment and water activities like Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, picnic, parties and refreshment.

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Find a better place for your stay in Chitwan District. Hotels and Resorts are located in different area of Chitwan.
- Sauraha, near by Chitwan National Park and popular for Jungle Activities
- Bharatpur / Narayangarh major business hub and administrative zone of Chitwan District
- Meghauli and Karasa is newly established tourist hub near Chitwan National Park popular for Jungle Activities
- Mugling and Kurintar lies in highway to Pokhara - Kathmandu - Chitwan.

Recommended Hotels and Resorts

Sauraha & Tandi

Narayangarh & Bharatpur

Meghauli & Kasara

Kurintar & Mugling

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